CEE-TEX Copyright Permission
The CEE-TEX logo is copyrighted material. TTE and CINET grant permission for use of the CEE-TEX logo under the following conditions:

The CEE-TEX logo may be used to identify with the textile care industry in a manner that is not obscene, disparaging, defamatory, or in the context of foul language. In no case may the logo be used for profit or in a commercial way without prior written permission by TTE and CINET. Usage of the CEE-TEX logo in the public domain must be reported to CINET at cinet@cinet-online.com

Use of the CEE-TEX logo under other circumstances is not permitted and constitutes a violation of the CEE-TEX logo copyright.

To inquire further about CEE-TEX logo usage, to notify us of where the logo is being used, or to report inappropriate usage of the CEE-TEX logo, please contact CINET via cinet@cinet-online.com.

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