CEE-TEX ’16 Novi Sad

Presence of over 130 participants from 16 countries

Opening CEE-TEX by Mrs. Dušica Kašiković, president of Nega Tekstila, and Peter Wennekes, president of CINET

Over 130 participants contributed to a successful CEE-TEX Conference

CEE-TEX ’16 being the third event in a row proofs to be successful and sustainable. Supported by a firm group of international suppliers as well as 11 associations from the CEE-region the event turned out to be a great success. A full program of 17 expert speakers covered a variety of topics on cost effective and high quality, sustainable processing, innovative solutions, market changes and challenges and new business models in the region. The program was designed for retail textile cleaning as well as industrial laundry and included company and cultural visits resulting in many new personal discussions and relationships.

Cost effective sustainable processing
After the opening of the event by Mrs. Dušica Kašiković, president of Nega Tekstila, and Peter Wennekes, president of CINET, an attractive program was presented. It was concluded after presentations of TKT, Ecolab, Dibella, DozitPlus, Lapauw and DataExpert that concentrating on a high degree of sustainability, is going hand in hand with higher quality and cost effective processing. Realizing a smart laundry where the information flow steers integrated processing also turned out to be leading to more profitable business.

Professional Textile Cleaning at its best!
After the coffee break TKT introduced the results of benchmark studies on quality and sustainability on new solvents and wetcleaning systems, concluding Professional Textile Care (PTC) according to best practice is 2 to 3 times more sustainable as domestic cleaning, The latter was seen as the main competitor. A more proactive approach on environmental performance is needed to assure market requirements and customer demand. Convenience and service are provided via new enabling online technologies is the way to go forward. This should be underlined with more special services for specific customers and clear evidence by introducing certification. Electrolux, Kreussler, IPSO, Surfchimica and DOW then presented their latest developments in wetcleaning and solvents.

Innovative Antibacterial textiles
Mr. Adam Łoś and Piotr Pawlak presented the results of a EU funded project for application of antibacterial and antifungal textiles/linen for effective prevention of hospital infections. The results proved effective application of copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) treated materials in the washing process tested in a practical environment effectively. The materials proved to have no effect on skin irritation and allergic reactions. An excellent result for more high added value applications in hospitals.

Global Best Practice Awards
Global Award winners Logo-Tex Kft Hungary, PRAWOL Poland (number 7), Kromatic Brasov Romania (number 8), and Pop’s Cleaning Serbia (number 10) presented their companies following their successful nomination in the CINET Global Best Practice Award program, organized at Texcare International June this year. Excellent showcases with full of inspiration, for setting up new advanced businesses in the CEE region. This was also the conclusion of the round table discussion at the end of the meeting, participated by representatives of the organizing associations. Focusing on changing market demands, a new younger generation of customers leading to a more professional organization of textile services according to individual preferences and needs will bring a profitable business for the future. The practical solutions offered, resulted for sure at least in a high degree of satisfaction with the participants of this highly appreciated event

CEE-TEX 2017
Next CEE-TEX Summit will be organized by the Polish Laundry association. Location for the event will be Warsaw, October 2017. See you there!

Photo series CEE-TEX 2016

Over 130 participants contributed to a successful CEE-TEX Conference



Media attention from national television
CEE-TEX partners set up their booths at the exhibition


International suppliers presented the latest developments in the industry

Dibella – Mr. Simon Bartholomes

DOW – Mr. Tobias Bertram

Electrolux – Mr. Holger Dannenberg

IPSO – Mr. Arnaud Guerin

Kreussler – Mr. Thomas Zeck

Lapauw – Tomáš Řeháček

Surfchimica – Mr. Marco Vaccari

CEE nominees of the Global Best Practice Awards received book 5 of the World ofPTC; New Business Models & Showcases

Company visits to two Novi Sad dry Cleaning shops

Aqua System Dry Cleaning and Aqua Clean

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